Wall of Sound

$12 / $15
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Wall of Sound is a classic take on Grateful Dead music focusing on the high
energy, big sounding 80’s period of the band. It is comprised of a super group of
seasoned So Cal musicians deeply entrenched in jam and Grateful Dead scene -
Nick Sandoval (Stu Allen’s Mars Hotel) Jim Shank (Rum Runners) Ed Lyon (WTFB,
Cubensis) Darren Pujalet (Particle, Mickey Hart, Hydra) Jeffrey Brown (Blue Man
Group), and Jason Buck (Random Sequence). The band came together to jam
during the pandemic and soon after they were asked to play an after party for the
Beachlife Festival. That gig was such a smash hit, they were asked back to play on
the following Beachlife Festival with many highly successful national touring
acts. Since then, Wall of Sound has captured audience's attention with inspiring
jams and authentic tones. They look forward to the open road that lies ahead and
are excited to continue performing for the vast Grateful Dead community and a
rapidly growing fanbase.
A Few Successes
*BeachLife Festival
-September 2021

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