Saturday, September 27, 2014 - 9:30pm
$ 15.00
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Band Name: 

Moonalice is a band of seasoned musicians who feel that live music should be a communal experience where the listener and musicians feed and derive inspiration from each other. Their songs try to speak to everyone, mixing a variety of genres with extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.
John Molo: Drums, Vocals. (Bruce Hornsby & The Range, John Fogerty, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Other Ones, David Nelson Band).
Barry Sless: Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bass. (Phil Lesh & Friends, David Nelson Band, Kingfish, Cowboy Jazz).
Roger McNamee: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass. (Guff, The Engineers, Random Axes, Flying Other Brothers)
Ann McNamee: Keyboards, Vocals (Flying Other Brothers, Ann Atomic)
Pete Sears: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals (Sam Gopal Dream, Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Jerry Garcia, Hot Tuna, John Lee Hooker, David Nelson Band, Phil Lesh & Friends).
Big Steve Parish: Road Scholar/Medicine Man/Storyteller. (Grateful Dead crew for 26 years, co-founder of Jerry Garcia Band)
CUBENSIS, the band that plays Dead, had its beginnings in 1987 when a group of Deadhead musicians became frustrated with the Dead's all-too-infrequent visits to Southern California. To fill the gap, guitarist Craig Marshall assembled a quartet and began to perform at backyard parties and local bars. Soon, word got around about this outfit, who used the Dead's music as a skeletal framework for their own improvisational explorations. It was a band-within-a-band, and to this day, you would have a difficult time calling CUBENSIS a "Dead Cover Band" without admitting they have tapped into the same inspirational wellspring as the Masters themselves. The LA WEEKLY says "Cubensis plays with the same laid-back mastery as the Real McCoy." Big Brother Skateboard magazine crowned Cubensis as "the nation's premiere Dead tribute" in their January, 2002 issue.
 Now celebrating their 18th anniversary as a band, CUBENSIS has been privileged to be joined onstage by numerous rock superstars, including Chris Robinson and Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Warren Haynes (Phil & Friends, Allman Bros.), John Molo (Phil & Friends), and Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead). CUBENSIS has performed extensively at the Southwest's major venues, including the House of Blues in Hollywood, Anaheim and Las Vegas.
 Speaking of Jerry Garcia, CUBENSIS guitarist Craig Marshall met him during a shared airplane flight to Eugene, OR for the famous Dead/ Little Feat pairing. By way of introduction, Marshall said that he was in CUBENSIS, and that they played Grateful Dead music, to which Garcia replied, in mock surprise, "Oh yeah? So do we!!"
 Upon that, the two lead guitarists talked shop, and reports of the conversation showed up on computer nets coast to coast. One thing Marshall obtained was Garcia's blessing to perform the Dead's music. Garcia's only request was that he "Do a good job of it." Ever since, CUBENSIS has promised authenticity and delivers pure Grateful Dead-inspired music like it was meant to be heard, keeping the Dead alive and re-creating the magic one show at a time. Don't miss it!